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First attempt, at refinishing, finished?

I obtained this dresser from my grandma’s house. Its old, it smells funny, and well, i revert back to – its old. Its made it a long life. Atleast 1960. I made it a point to look into refinishing and to make this a free project. 100% COST FREE. So, I got half a can of misting, paint, for free from a friend. And I sanded the piss out of this things. (I hate stripping away the old, for a side note).  Then I painted it. And painted it again. And for good measure, one last time. I sprayed the hardware a metallic silver, rather than replacinging it, with a spray can I already had. I need to coat it in poly, but its going to need to wait till spring!


And, lets not forget-  :

Refinishing; sharing my leg work.

Since Ive never refinshed anything, and Im getting lots of hand me downs, and finding tons of things on CL. I thought now was a good time to start looking at all the different ways to refinish. And I might as well share the list with the world. So, here you go, the fruits of my labor ….

  1. YHL, refinished a chair.
  2. YHL, refinished a circe 1950 veneered dresser, with a white top :)
  3. Blue Cricket, says sanding is not needed if you use oil based primer!
  4. I love these distressed chairs from centastional girl.
  5. Centsational girl, and her no prime chalkpaint approach.
  6. OMG, and I love mirrored dressers, too bad Im using mine in a toddler room.
  7. An interesting post on color, and distressing. I would never step out of my box.
  8. And Patrick, nailed my want for distressed.
  9. Do I want a pink dresser, in her room?
  10. Or just decorate it, with wallpaper? This might be a good alternative for a veneer dresser.

This is my favorite, on pinterest, so far:


If you’ve painted a dresser before, feel free to link up please!

“Table or Miter?”, he said.

This article, is probally too personal to post on the internet. But, when have I ever been private. My (ex)husband and I are working out all the details of a legal separation, or a dissolution. Ive completed like, 60 pages of paperwork or so, and Im not a paralegal, or attorney by any stretch.  He calls to ask me, what are we doing with the garage? Its the only thing we havent divided. He says, please dont touch my tool box, or my air compressor, or my work bench. Id like to keep the lawn mowers… etc. And then he goes, Im not giving it up, but I wont fight you either… are you taking the miter saw? I replied with a “Wow, really?”, all excited like. Even a used saw isnt on my budget… and the condition of my apartment, has me more than down and out, and embarrassed, walking with my head down, to say the least. And he says yes- really. He’s bringing me the Kobalt, Sliding, Compound, Miter, Saw. I said THAT with big gaps on each comma, outloud, when I hung up the phone.


Guess who’s going to be building? That’s right – me! Im SOOOO excited.

My mom gave ma hokey drill. And a hokey circular saw.

Michael’s giving me the saw.

I have a $20 rebate for Menards, to go towards a new blade.

Theres a spindle in the garage, thats going to become a library cart.

Theres two pallets being delivered, and a mattress, for my pallet couch.

My grandmas giving me an old dresser to refinish. I know nothing about refinishing btw.

My moms already gave me an end table to refinish as well. Eeek.


Ok. Now, I need a sitter. And some paint. OMG, I need paint!

And a countersink bit!


I . AM. Sooooo. EX. CI. TE.D. Yay!!!


Ps. I found a new blog I <3. Chateau and Bungalow.  Check it out.


Upcoming projects :


and some toddler chairs, to make this a play table of sorts….

And then, this dresser, is getting painted white? Rustic. With hot pink handles!

For bebes room for sure :)

Kirkland Home Store Coupon

Thanks to Coupon Gal for sharing this $25 off a $75 purchase Kirkland home store printable.

Good until Valentine’s Day :)

Michael’s 4hr Sale

I some how have down time today? Amazing. Hip2Save posted about a 4Hr sale going on at Michaels.

Follow here to find out how you can save 25% off your entire purchase. Today only 4pm-8pm. So hurry!


hey 2012

Im failing as a blogger. I just dont have time for this. I really dont. But yet I keep coming back. Never often enough, but enough to keep my account activated. In honor of home design, and all things trendy, I began pinning today. Thats right, Im on pinterest. I just started this joyus journey. I was avoiding it all together, because it makes me want. Want is something I am learning. How to want. I want everything lately. Me the non materilistic girl, feels the need to shop. Because I cant. B/C being a single mommy is expensive. It happens. That being said. I think Im going to start sharing, and linking. Atleast to get things going around here. I want to feel like I belong in the pile with the SAHM who are making cookies, and building furniture. Even if in reality, Im working FT, looking for a PT job, and about to be a half time student, while working on shared parenting of a toddler. Dear God, I hope I fall in love with owner of a coffee shop, or who ever owns the rights to redbull. Happy building in 2012 yall. And if anyone wants to donate me a saw as a late Christmas present Ill take it!


OH, and i almost forgot.

I will be building a library cart. From donated items. Even the paint.

And It will be a play table for Brooklyn. Who deserves a place to climb & color & read.


Ana White, I need $4, so I can build this girl some chairs for her and her friends as well!

Its been a long time, coming.

I guess I could say Im sorry. I kind of abandoned my blog.

But with good reason.

And without airing all my dirty laundry or baggage on the internet, things have changed.

So, goodbye home in the suburbs, with the big yard.
Goodbye home with tools, and lumber.
Goodbye husband with truck, and lowes card.

Hello apt. All 800 sq ft of outdated dinginess.
Hello mom to one toddler ,one dog, and an empty bed.

Im starting over. fresh. and im going to keep happy.
I was looking at Ana’s blog. All my new furniture is form Ikea.
I felt a little sick at first, and then regrouped.

There are plenty of free things I can make, until I can build.
There are tons of Ikea hacks that inspire creativity.
Tons of people who need toddler safe inspiration.
And there a ton of women like me, who could start over, without a hammer.

Seriously, I just bought a screwdriver. and damn right, its dewalt : )
Ok, a screw driver and a tape measure.

So bear with me, and watch it come together.
Ive already started some small projects, like moving in.

But Ill keep you posted.
And hopefully Ill be sharing deals again too.

Thanks for following.


Christy & Her Tiny Tot.

Confession: I bought a play kitchen.
My dream of building her first kitchen, destroyed : (

Two tips for Ana White followers

The following tips come from this old house. I love their magazine, but their website is amazing.

You can always find tips and tricks for workworking, which is awesome for us Ana White, and TDC lovers.

That being said… I thought I would share these two tips, and if you need more, check out TOH.


Hope these tips helped ya out! I love the plywood sheet, carrying tip!

Counting down till my daughter’s 1st Birthday

I am a simple woman, with a simple little girl, who enjoys playing with carboard boxes and silicone cup cake holders. Her favorite thing to do is scream, and smack people with the Direct TV remote.  Her 1st Birthday is next month. It’s all I can do not have her birthday be tomorrow. My birthday falls between now and hers, and I’ve neglected it completely. I can not wait to throw a party for a bunch of babies and toddlers. Truly a party for the kids, not for us adults. Which means if my friends want to wrap her empty boxes, Im soo ok with that. Really. I have never been one for clutter, and have always been simple, so I am aiming for simple for her party.

But the planning isn’t simple. I have ideas from here to Iraq and back. But, there are a million outdoor projects we have been unable to tackle. It is truly very difficult to accomplish anything outdoors with a ten month old crawling and staggering around, like she had one too many milk-a-tinis. Literally, what would be more cost effective, hiring childcare to do the yard, or landscapers? I haven’t given in and recruited either one yet. But, damn am I am behind.

Brooklyn’s Birthday is next month. 45  days a way to be exact. My husband is so embarrassed by all the little things that are out of order, and a few big (and expensive) projects, that he doesn’t even want to have an at home birthday party. He wants to have it at a park. A park?!?!? Seriously? I will be carrying this kid for FOUR hours if we have it at a park. Urrrrgh.

I’m dreaming of an indoor/outdoor brunch, complete with cereal buffet, and handmade decorations. Picture a shower curtain back drop, party favors of pearls and tutus, and boys wearing paper top hats, with pictures GALORE. That’s right, I said Galore. Brooklyn crashed a birthday party the other day and ever shared in the smash cake, and she has a blast. I took 50 pictures of my kid at her birthday buddy’s bash, can you imagine what’s going to happen for her OWN birthday shin dig? Hecks yea, me too.

So the too do list looks something like this:

* The garage has been demolished since the water came in a few weeks ago. So, paint cinder blocks. The ceiling is half down. We need to get that into the bagster before it picks up tomorrow, and install a new ceiling. Plus, have my uncle install the new lighting.

*The siding is messed up on the right side of the house, from when my husband removed a car port. That needs fixed somehow. I know NOTHING about siding, I have no extra siding, and It’s 20 years old.

*The siding in the back of the house is messed up. I decided to grill. Grill the house that is. Ya siding kebobs. Not.

*There is this plastic, exterior, brick sheeting on the back of the house. It’s ugly. And it has holes in it. Seriously. Ewe.

*The front of the house has an odd, grouted, rock facing. And pieces are missing. I planned on filling them in with exterior paintable caulk, and then etching them with a utility knife, and painting them, but I was told this wont work. Either way, they all need painted, to match the inside wall I already painted.

*I need a bob cat to fix the cliff, and fill the holes…. dont ask.

Then .. there’s a million little things, but those are the ones hubs is embarrassed by. So. Off to CL it up I guess.

I wish I was just building a picnic table, and making some paper lanterns for a little girls birthday party.


Ps. Working 12 days in a row, 8 or 12 hours a day, is tough on a new mommy. I miss blogging. I miss playing with my daughter, reading Ohdeeoh, and Ana White message boards. I truly hope to find a job one day, that lets me be a mommy, and love my job. Here’s to hoping, praying, wishing, and wanting. Dear God, please.

Need a branch mat hack

I am in love with this branch mat from CB2.

I have an ugly patio.

I want thiiiiiss. Sooo much.

Outdoor baby birthday party in  6 weeks.

Anyone have suggestions for a hack, or for good patio decor, on the cheap ?


Help me out please.


And I miss you, really.

To all the blogs  I love. I miss you.

I work too much. I sleep too little.

I commute a long way, for little money.

I miss swag bucks, and Amazon flash sales, and coupons, and free to the first so many.

I miss watching your kids grown on the blogs.

I miss watching my kid grow for that matter.

I will find balance.

I will blog more.

I will build again.


I just haven’t figured out how.


As an update I wanted to share the following:

  • I have a retail job. Full time.
  • Our french drian clogged during 10 days of rain.
  • Our garage flooded.
  • Demo is not fun.
  • Screw drywall, hoorah painted cinder blocks.
  • Looking at grating the yard : )
  • Got an inflatable pool, and looove it with bebe.

Guess who is getting a new roof?


We are. And this ain’t a diy project. This is the result of a nasty storm in february. Yay for home owners insurance. It is going to be a crazy weekene.

Sherwin williams sale


Just getting around to cutting sunday coupons, and lookie here. Nice sale at sherwin williams.

Eco Friendly Gardening for Girls

I just received an email from the Home Depot, for one of their workshops for women. The workshops are called “Do it Herself”.  The next workshop is one hour long, free, and focused on eco gardening. I was just asking the other day what I could spray vegetables with this summer, that would keep them chemical free, and bug free. I haven’t ever grown on a single thing on my own. There are cute plans on Ana White’s site for raised flower boxes, and planter beds. I am interested. So I will be attending the Saturday workshop on April 23rd.

To sign up for a workshop at a Home Depot near you, you just need to register.

Did I mention that some participants will be eligible for a free gift? Oh yea ; )


A chance at free paint

Want two free gallons of Olympic paint? Enter the giveway here.


Hobby Lobby 40% Off, Today Only

Coupon up for grabs for 40% off any one item at Hobby Lobby.

Good today only.

Just In Time, Thanks TDC

Hubs & I decided we would use the kreg jr we picked up on sale months ago, this week.

We have four boards attached to a pole & were baffled. We want to build a huge project using this thing?

Yea riiiiiiiiiiiight. It has been a learning process. To say the least.

But behold, there is guidance.

TDC posted “To jig or Not to jig” on her blog I wanted to share it with everyone.

It’s really nice to see a good visual.

Thanks again Rayan.




$10 off a $50 Lowe’s Purchase

Here’s a rare coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase at Lowe’s.

And as usual, Orange should take the coupon from Blue, as they are competitors.

Happy Shopping. Hurry, coupon expires on April 4th, 2011.

Hope you guys got your Valspar sample this morning, yet again, I forgot =)


Bed & Breakfast

We built this awesome console table. It holds the TV in our bedroom.

How great is it to feed a baby in bed, and watch TV? Awesome.

I wish we would have done this BEFORE she was born.

When she was a newborn, and I camped out on the couch for FOUR ENTIRE MONTHS.

Love it.

If you need something simple, to hold a TV, you should do this.

No screws needed. This entire thing it built with nails, and glue.

And it goes together like a wood puzzle for two year olds.

ANYONE can have this lumber cut and build this.

If you dont have a nailer, a hammer and nails would do it.

We stained this Espresso, to match the farmhouse bed.

I am not a fan of matchy-matchy furniture, but there’s alot of color in our room.

Black, White, Natural, Grey, Lighter Gray, Purple, Blue. Lol.

It seemed calmer to let it match the bed from Heaven.

Thank you Mrs White, for these great plans.

(Sorry for the dim lit picture, that corner doesn’t get much light.)

Free Valspar Paint Sample, Tomorrow?

Everyday I forget to check for this until lunch time, and it’s gone for the day.

So, here is the link. Check it in the EARLY morning.

You could score a free paint roller, paint sample (in ANY color!), and  a $5 Lowe’s Coupon.

You and 999 other people will probably get it before me!



Bread Box for Baby

I bought like 40 pouches of baby food the other day, for $1 each, and I had a gift card. It was a super awesome trip to babies r us. But, this isn’t about my baby savings, it’s about my home. I hate stocking up on baby food, because I have no where to put it. Little pouches of organic goodness stuffed everywhere. Dear God, I wish I had a pantry sometimes, seriously.

So for $2.86 I bought this retro looking breadbox from Target. Three dollars saved my sanity.

Who needs bread?!?!?

The home deals were amazing at Target today. I also got three different multi packs of bronze drawer pulls, for less than $2 a pack, and a handful of other home items, for suuuuper cheap. You should hit up the clearance racks. There are a bunch of Umbra items on the clearance end caps too!

New Michael’s Coupon

Can be found here.

Save 25% off your entire purchase valid March 27,11 – April 2,2011

Or 50% off one item, on Saturday March 26,2011!


FB Friday, Orange Sales

If you haven’t liked Home Depot on facebook yet, you should. They run a lot of awesome Friday deals. They are online only, through facebook, and quantities are limited. This week they made a nifty video, to give us a heads up. How nice.

Ready … Set … Sleep

The Hazy Skies, Pottery Barn inspired paint is on the walls.

The bed is up. I took off the boxspring bc it was just too high.

So, note to people building this bed, you want to shorten the footboard to hit the top of your mattress, and you want to do more than enough slats to hold the mattress. This has been a learning curve for us, but I am still proud to say I designed this bed mostly on my own, and think it’s way better than the Hampton bed from Pottery Barn.

Their  Bed:

(Image the property of Potterybarn )

My Bed:

Here’s some more views :

I looove this bed, and I hope my step son, and any guests love it just as much!


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