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Its been a long time, coming.

I guess I could say Im sorry. I kind of abandoned my blog.

But with good reason.

And without airing all my dirty laundry or baggage on the internet, things have changed.

So, goodbye home in the suburbs, with the big yard.
Goodbye home with tools, and lumber.
Goodbye husband with truck, and lowes card.

Hello apt. All 800 sq ft of outdated dinginess.
Hello mom to one toddler ,one dog, and an empty bed.

Im starting over. fresh. and im going to keep happy.
I was looking at Ana’s blog. All my new furniture is form Ikea.
I felt a little sick at first, and then regrouped.

There are plenty of free things I can make, until I can build.
There are tons of Ikea hacks that inspire creativity.
Tons of people who need toddler safe inspiration.
And there a ton of women like me, who could start over, without a hammer.

Seriously, I just bought a screwdriver. and damn right, its dewalt : )
Ok, a screw driver and a tape measure.

So bear with me, and watch it come together.
Ive already started some small projects, like moving in.

But Ill keep you posted.
And hopefully Ill be sharing deals again too.

Thanks for following.

Christy & Her Tiny Tot.

Confession: I bought a play kitchen.
My dream of building her first kitchen, destroyed : (

3 responses

  1. Oh Christy, I just found you through Ana White and my sister (who goes back through every post in her spare time and realized you lived in Cleveland). I am so sorry things have not been turning out the way you had hoped and planned…I hope you and Brooklyn and Bronx are doing alright in your new apartment. I just moved to Cleveland myself (married and moved at the end of October), and I am getting interested in building (furniture), too.

    01/01/2012 at 3:06 pm

  2. Heidi – good for you. If you need help. Let me know!

    01/01/2012 at 6:15 pm

  3. I’m so sorry to hear your news, but I am glad you have such a great attitude. I know you will be building your own stuff for your own place eventually. I hope this transition is going as smoothly as it can for you, and that perhaps it will bring new opportunities for you as the future unfolds.

    01/19/2012 at 8:35 am

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