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Refinishing; sharing my leg work.

Since Ive never refinshed anything, and Im getting lots of hand me downs, and finding tons of things on CL. I thought now was a good time to start looking at all the different ways to refinish. And I might as well share the list with the world. So, here you go, the fruits of my labor ….

  1. YHL, refinished a chair.
  2. YHL, refinished a circe 1950 veneered dresser, with a white top:)
  3. Blue Cricket, says sanding is not needed if you use oil based primer!
  4. I love these distressed chairs from centastional girl.
  5. Centsational girl, and her no prime chalkpaint approach.
  6. OMG, and I love mirrored dressers, too bad Im using mine in a toddler room.
  7. An interesting post on color, and distressing. I would never step out of my box.
  8. And Patrick, nailed my want for distressed.
  9. Do I want a pink dresser, in her room?
  10. Or just decorate it, with wallpaper? This might be a good alternative for a veneer dresser.

This is my favorite, on pinterest, so far:


If you’ve painted a dresser before, feel free to link up please!

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