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“Table or Miter?”, he said.

This article, is probally too personal to post on the internet. But, when have I ever been private. My (ex)husband and I are working out all the details of a legal separation, or a dissolution. Ive completed like, 60 pages of paperwork or so, and Im not a paralegal, or attorney by any stretch.  He calls to ask me, what are we doing with the garage? Its the only thing we havent divided. He says, please dont touch my tool box, or my air compressor, or my work bench. Id like to keep the lawn mowers… etc. And then he goes, Im not giving it up, but I wont fight you either… are you taking the miter saw? I replied with a “Wow, really?”, all excited like. Even a used saw isnt on my budget… and the condition of my apartment, has me more than down and out, and embarrassed, walking with my head down, to say the least. And he says yes- really. He’s bringing me the Kobalt, Sliding, Compound, Miter, Saw. I said THAT with big gaps on each comma, outloud, when I hung up the phone.


Guess who’s going to be building? That’s right – me! Im SOOOO excited.

My mom gave ma hokey drill. And a hokey circular saw.

Michael’s giving me the saw.

I have a $20 rebate for Menards, to go towards a new blade.

Theres a spindle in the garage, thats going to become a library cart.

Theres two pallets being delivered, and a mattress, for my pallet couch.

My grandmas giving me an old dresser to refinish. I know nothing about refinishing btw.

My moms already gave me an end table to refinish as well. Eeek.


Ok. Now, I need a sitter. And some paint. OMG, I need paint!

And a countersink bit!


I . AM. Sooooo. EX. CI. TE.D. Yay!!!


Ps. I found a new blog I❤. Chateau and Bungalow.  Check it out.


Upcoming projects :


and some toddler chairs, to make this a play table of sorts….

And then, this dresser, is getting painted white? Rustic. With hot pink handles!

For bebes room for sure🙂

One response

  1. That’s awesome! So glad you’re going to have a good saw to work with❤

    01/31/2012 at 10:00 am

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